Can Motherboards Be Replaced

Can Motherboards Be Repaired?

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While an inexpensive motherboard can easily be replaced when it malfunctions, replacing a more expensive model isn’t quite so easy.

If your expensive motherboard has just died and you aren’t in a position to drop upwards of $200 on a replacement, you may be wondering if you can instead repair your current model and restore it to its former glory.

There are some motherboard issues which simply cannot be repaired and warrant the purchase of a replacement model. The good news, however, is that the vast majority of motherboard malfunctions can be easily rectified.

Options for Motherboard Repair

If you are having problems with your motherboard but don’t believe them to be so severe that a replacement is necessary. There are two distinct options available to you and we will weigh the pros and cons of each below.

Professional Motherboard Repair

If your motherboard is in need of a repair, you should give careful consideration to taking it to a professional. The chances are any gadget shop in your town or city will have the necessary tools  to repair and test your motherboard or, at the very least, to diagnose the problem and point you in the direction of somebody who is capable of helping you.

A major advantage of turning to a professional is that you can be more or less certain of a complete repair of your motherboard as opposed to the problem simply being lessened or made tolerable.

Options for Motherboard Repair

While professional intervention is certainly convenient for those who are unsure how to repair their own motherboard but would like to avoid purchasing an entirely new motherboard, it does have its disadvantages.​

For example, professional motherboard repair does not facilitate learning, so you won’t walk away from the experience knowing what to do the next time a problem arises. Furthermore, while paying for a repair is certainly less expensive than paying for a replacement, it is nowhere near as cheap as tackling the problem yourself.

If you don’t have the room in your budget to pay for professional repair of your motherboard but also lack the skills necessary to do it yourself, we recommend seeking out a more experienced gamer and offering them a small amount of money to carry out the repair for you. Veteran gamers are generally pretty passionate about the hobby, so you may even find somebody willing to fix your motherboard for the sheer fun of it.


  • You can be certain of a complete repair
  • Less expensive than replacing your motherboard
  • Your level of experience doesn’t matter


  • You don’t learn how to tackle the problem yourself
  • You may have to wait a couple of days for the repair to be complete
  • More expensive than fixing the problem yourself

DIY Motherboard Repair

Repairing your motherboard without professional intervention can be risky, but it certainly has its advantages. For example, when you attempt to repair your motherboard yourself, you can work off your own schedule and could conceivably have your system back up and running in just a couple of hours. Were you to take your motherboard to a professional to be repaired, you would likely end up waiting a couple of days, perhaps even a couple of weeks, to get it back.

Furthermore, DIY motherboard repair is a great way to solve problems with your motherboard without draining your bank account (some issues can be identified and removed for less than $20). Repairing your motherboard by yourself can be a little tricky, regardless of your level of experience, but there are countless videos and articles available online to guide you through every conceivable problem, so as long as you have a steady hand and are capable of following instructions you won’t have too much to worry about.

Motherboard Repair

The main issue with DIY motherboard repair is that the probability of error is far higher than it is when a professional is involved, which is why we often suggest professional intervention to novice gamers who lack the experience necessary to repair a motherboard alone. Attempt to repair your motherboard without adequate skill and equipment and you may inadvertently add to the damage, destroying it beyond repair and forcing yourself to drop hundreds of dollars on a brand new model.


  • Less expensive than paying for professional repairs
  • Repairs are completed in a more timely manner
  • Allows you to familiarize yourself with the workings of your motherboard


  • Requires great skill and precision
  • Replacement parts can be difficult to find
  • A DIY repair will most likely void your warrant