Best ITX Motherboard

Best ITX Motherboard: The Battle of the Supremes

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What makes a motherboard the best ITX motherboard? This question can really be a controversial one because, in the world of personal computers, nothing is what it really seems.

Some might argue that no matter what motherboard you have, if your set-up is great, then you can have a good computer. But is there any truth to that? Hardcore computer purists argue that having the best ITX motherboard is the way to go as it is the brain and even the heart of your personal computer.

For the benefit of this read, we will stick with this thinking. In no way are we saying, though, that you cannot set up a great computer if you do not have the best motherboard. With that said, we are going to review three ITX motherboards. This is easier said than done because the contenders, which you will meet in a second, are real heavy-weights.

Best ITX Motherboard: The Contenders

Early on in this review, we are going to say that these motherboards are not just top-selling for the heck of it. They are really awesome in what they provide their consumers. Are you amped up to see this epic battle of the ITX motherboards? Then keep on reading!

The Asus Republic of Gamers Strix Z370-I

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This motherboard is specifically designed for Intel Core processors that are 8th generation. This is the case in order to amplify the speed and connectivity. It is compatible with 802.11ac wifi, dual M.2, Gigabit LAN, USB 3.1, and Intel Optane Memory.

At the same time, it has an M.2 double-decker heatsink that veils the main M.2 slot. Accordingly, it can also provide a shared cooling for the PCH and M.2. There is a LANguard that is anti-surge as well. As for its operating system, this one runs on a 64-bit Windows 10 version.

This motherboard boasts five optimization settings. It also has FanXpert 4 and auto-tuning that automatically set profiles for overclocking. This makes for a unique and customizable PC for maximum OC performance. More than that, you also get to enjoy its dynamic system cooling function.

Furthermore, you can personalize the lighting with its exclusive Aura Sync RGB lighting system. It also has an RGB header that you can customize. Lastly, the PCIe slots were made to last, thanks to the molding process that they used to build it wherein they utilized metal framing.

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  • Offers everything that you need
  • Runs fast
  • Extremely customizable
  • check
    Comes with a lot of ports and slots
  • check
    Can withstand heavy FPS gaming
  • check
    Compatible with a lot of other PC components
  • check
    Fast boot times


  • Wifi connectivity is a bit problematic
  • Lighting software has a lot of bugs
  • Difficult to set up, not best for beginners
  • Does not have indicators for errors, a lot of trial and error involved
  • Updates can mess up initial set up
  • Some pins can get easily bent

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The MSI Performance Z370I Gaming PRO Carbon AC

[amazon fields=”B0778N6CFK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

We now move on to a motherboard that also supports 8th generation Intel Core. Accordingly, it also has Pentium and Celeron processors for the LGA 1151 socket. At the same time, it can also support DDR4 memory for up to 4600+(OC) MHz.

This motherboard is good for gaming due to the fact that it has one turbo M.2, lightning USB 3.1, Intel Optane Memory, and Gen2. Moreover, it has an audio boost 4 with Nahimic 2+. This means that the sound quality is studio-grade.

The DDR4 boost has a steel armor, and the DDR4 PCB design was made to be fully isolated, optimized, and shielded in order to give the DDR4 memory the best performance.

There is also wireless support and gaming LAN that are powered by Intel. It is VR-ready without the latency so you will not encounter too much motion sickness. Each piece is made from military class 5 materials, so you are sure that what you have is extremely durable.

As for in-game weapons, it has a gaming hotkey, a game boost, an X-boost, and WTFast. For its lighting system, it has an EZ debug LED. Lastly, the click BIOS 5 makes for the fast search function and favorites as well as high-resolution scalable font.

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  • Can easily be overclocked
  • check
    BIOS is easy to navigate
  • check
    Runs fast
  • check
  • check
    Can support high-speed RAMs
  • check
    Installation is easy
  • check
    Best for Coffee Lake builds


  • BIOS update may mess up Windows set-up
  • Times Circle
    Does not have a lot of USB ports
  • Times Circle
    Weird sound during startup

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The Gigabyte B360N

[amazon fields=”B07BKJQB6W” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This is yet another motherboard that supports 8th generation Intel Core processors. It boasts a dual-channel, non-ECC DDR4, which is unbuffered. At the same time, it has a digital PWM design that is a hybrid.

Further, this motherboard has Intel CNVi 802.11ac and Wave2 2T2R wifi. There is also an audio noise guard and audio capacitors that are high quality. As for its ultra-fast M.2, it comes with PCIe Gen3 X4 and a SATA interface RGB fusion. In turn, the RGC LED strips has seven colors.

You also have the capacity to save on power and electricity due to its one-click smart fan feature, which employs hybrid fan headers and a lot of temperature sensors. Lastly, it has a 15 KV surge LAN protection and Intel Optane Memory Gigabyte UEFI DualBIOS.

[amazon box=”B07BKJQB6W”]


  • Installation and set up is easy
  • check
    Perfect for budget builds
  • check
    Ease of use of the BIOS
  • check
    Compatible with a lot of other PC parts
  • check
    Runs smoothly
  • check
    Hardware is well made


  • Not that fast
  • Times Circle
    Does not support Bluetooth
  • Times Circle
    Not that customizable
  • Times Circle
    SSD is not easily recognized
  • Times Circle
    Not best for adding a sound card
  • Times Circle
    Gigabyte drivers have glitches
  • Times Circle
    Inconsistency in the quality of pins

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Which Is the Best of the Best?

If you ask us, the Asus Republic of Gamers Strix Z370-I is the one to beat. Surely, there is a reason that the brand currently holds the number one spot in terms of anything that is PC-related. The reason being they are the perfect mix of complexity and simplicity.

This motherboard can be used for simple document work, graphic design, presentations, video editing, gaming, and more. The possibilities are really endless. A quick note, though. You should know what you are doing in terms of the overall setup for this bad boy to really show off its power.